How do I sell to you?

Bring your items to The Gaming Warehouse store nearest you. We will take a look at the items, and work up a price that we can pay you. You will be offered two prices. A cash price, and a store credit price. You choose which you want, store credit is always higher. Obviously, if our price is not good enough, you may feel free to keep the items with no obligation.

How much do you pay, and do you buy everything?

The amount we pay, depends upon the items popularity, how fast we think it will sell, how many of each item we already have in stock, condition of the item, make and model number of gaming systems, etc.  While we do turn some items down, we do tend to buy a lot more than our competition. We also pay a very fair price, keeping in mind that we have to pay rent, salaries, utilities, insurance, etc.

Do you buy old cartridge games and systems like Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64?

Yes, we buy games from Xbox 1 and PS4 all the way back to the original Nintendo and Atari Systems.

Do you buy iPods and/or cell phones?

No sorry.

What is your warranty on games?

All of our used games come with a 14 day warranty against defects.  Video game systems come with a 30 day warranty  iagainst defects.  In the unlikely event that you receive a defective item, we will replace the item with the same item if we have one in stock.  If we are out of stock, you will receive store credit.  No cash back is given on used items.

New items may be returned with receipt and as long as the package is still factory sealed.

What are your hours?

The Gaming Warehouse is open Mon-Sat from 10-9 and Sun 11-6.

Do I need an ID to sell my stuff?

Yes. You must have an ID to sell anything to The Gaming Warehouse.  The Gaming Warehouse is committed to being a good citizen in the community, and we work closely with local law enforcement.  If you are not the rightful owner of the items you are selling, it would be a poor decision to sell them to us.

Do you still repair video game systems?

We replace 72 pin connectors inside the old NES systems.  The NES is the only system we repair.