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    At The Gaming Warehouse, you will find 1000’s of new and used games, systems and accessories for nearly every game system ever produced. Product lines ranging from the old NES and Atari to the current generation PS4, Switch, 3DS, and Xbox 1 systems.

    Retro collectors, find many rare and complete games listed in the eBay store. If you see an item online, you can still purchase it at our Grandville location. Just see an associate for details. These rare items are not on display in the store.

    100’s of board games, table top miniature games, and dice games are now featured.  Along with West Michigan’s finest selection of Magic the Gathering events, cards, packs, boxes, and supplies.

  • Magic the Gathering

    Magic the Gathering fans will find 1000’s of singles on display and 10,000’s more in inventory but not on display,  from the very early days of the game, up to the most current sets.  You will also find booster packs, booster boxes, bundle packs, planeswalker decks, sleeves and deck boxes, play mats, supplies, dice and much more.

    Friday Night Magic every Friday and open play anytime during normal business hours at all three locations.

    Modern on Thursday, and Booster Drafts on Friday night and Sunday at the Grandville location. Commander on Wednesday’s in Holland!!

    Magic the Gathering
  • Do you have items to sell?

    The Gaming Warehouse is always buying your old video games and Magic the Gathering cards!  Stop on by for a quote for store credit or  cash money!  Trade in amounts vary depending upon the retail price that we sell the item for, the item condition, model number and hard drive sizes for systems, and the amount that we currently have on hand.

    Do you have items to sell?
  • Dungeons & Dragons & Table Top Gaming

    We now stock a full line of Dungeons & Dragons books, Reaper Miniatures, paints & brushes, dice sets, dice bags, tile sets and everything else you or your DM need.

    Dungeons & Dragons & Table Top Gaming
  • Board Games

    We have 100’s of board games in stock at all times.  Including varieties of all the best selling games like Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Legendary, Monopoly, Pandemic, and Risk.  We also have expansions for Star Wars Armada, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing!

    Board Games
  • 500+ Funko POP! Figures In Stock!

    We carry nearly every Funko POP! figure when they are released.  Over 500 unique figures in stock at all times.  Funko POP! figures are always $9.99 each, large figures are $14.99, vehicles are $29.99, and exclusives are $11.99.

    We receive new figures in every week so stop by often to browse our ever changing selection!

    500+ Funko POP! Figures In Stock!
  • Core Set 2021 Preorders Open!

    We are now accepting preorders HERE for Core Set 2021 product.  Booster Boxes are $99.99 and Bundle Packs are $41.99 (or $37.99 with purchase of a booster box) *Limit of 1 discounted Bundle Pack per order.

    Core Set 2021 Preorders Open!